Captain Couturier

Vêtements & Maroquinerie Hand-made

Atelier & Showroom à Guéthary depuis 2018.

Captain Couturier

Collections crées entre le Pays basque et le Portugal, par Carolina Franzoi. Dessinant et réalisant ses propres patronages et prototypes, elle crée des pièces uniques et travaille aussi avec des artisans locaux.

Classique et créative, artisanale et fonctionnelle, chacune de ses pièces reste unique, impregnée d’une histoire à la fraicheur intemporelle. Les couleurs, textures et coupes sont inspirées de la nature et des souvenirs reliés au coeur.

Bespoke clothing & leather goods Hand-Made in Basque Country and Portugal

Captain Couturier is a bespoke slow fashion label, all pieces are hand-made in the Basque Country and Portugal by Carolina Franzoi Soares.

Designer of her own patterns and creations, the clothing collection is crafted in the atelier located in the Basque Country where Carolina offers locals an apprenticeship, providing an insight into her unique moulage sewing technique.

Soares produces the collection of shoes and bags working exclusively with local artisans who make each shoe 100% by hand in Portugal, where she has her origins.

The focus of her process is founded in a sustainable approach, all materials are; natural, recycled or upcycled. Soares works directly with suppliers for the leather goods, maintaining a high-value and high-quality product, the result of hand-made work. This approach ensures Soares can provide high quality living and employment standards for those working on the brand.

Classic and creative, poetic and functional, each of the pieces remains unique, imfused with a story of timeless freshness. Colors, textures and cuts are inspired by classi- cal styles, nature and by memories connected to the heart.

Captain Couturier promotes the emancipation of artisanal work in the Basque and Portugal.

Thank you for visiting Captain Couturier online store. "Bespoke Clothing" are all the way unique pieces designed and hand-made in our Maison de Couture. "Shoes" and "Bags" are available now and also possible to be ordered in custom color and size.